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As one of Europe's leading independent logistics companies, Eurogate can help you plan the most convenient and cost-effective routes via road or sea on the English Channel, the Irish, the North and Baltic Seas, in the Mediterranean or across the Alps.

Our 30-year relationship with ferry companies means that not only do we have access to competitive rates, but we have access to pre-booked slots on the busiest routes.

Our experienced multilingual ferry team based throughout Central Europe helps plan and coordinate more than 250 transport movements per day, including our own. We can assist you in optimising your routing, taking into account driving hours, waiting times, cost-per-kilometre, and the price of a ferry ticket.

Our staff know from experience that transport is often unpredictable. We can assist you in cancellations and rerouting or finding solutions to shipping ADR cargo, livestock or out-of-gauge shipments. Best of all, our advice is free and impartial.

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